We strive for excellence in everything we do.


All of our products are procured directly from the respective manufacturers in volume. We do not deal with any middlemen or ‘agents’ which ensures that our pricing is always competitive and also provides us with complete control over the quality of product that we purchase, ensuring we are fully compliant with international best standards. If the failure rate of a product exceeds 1%, we will not stock and distribute the product. Unlike many companies trading purely on the basis of the lowest price, we refuse to compromise quality for sales. In the event of product failure, a brand new replacement is issued – no fuss, no hassle, and no quibble.


We provide both our catalogue and price list in electronic format, and you can order straight from the iPads that our reps travel with, although any device that supports the PDF standard and has an active Internet connection may be used to run our catalogue and price lists. Orders are directly submitted via a secure connection for immediate processing. Our dealers are ensured that they are always working with the most up-to-date product listing – with the ability to process orders in virtually real time.


We are focussed purely on the consumer electronics accessory business and we have not deviated from this path. Because all of our effort has been directed into providing a superior range of product with emphasis on ensuring product availability and continuity, our service and product offering is unparalelled.


From inception, service has formed an integral component of our DNA. The key to our business approach is a culture of simplicity. To practise top notch service, CyberDyne has optimized its business through the use of our SAP ERP system, flat management structure, accountability and well trained personel. We pride ourselves on running a highly efficient operation. Our responsiveness is demonstrated in everything we do, from providing customers with quotations within one hour, shipping orders by the next business day, responding to all emails within 30 minutes of receipt, and committed to ensuring a superior customer experience. All-in-all, we out-perform the competition at every level, consistently. Excellence in every single part of our business is the only option - and this - is what we’ve come to call the "CyberDyne difference".


Doing business with

CyberDyne’s culture puts emphasis on keeping business as simple and efficient as possible. We subscribe to ‘less is more’. With this in mind, becoming a CyberDyne customer involves a single simple step which is to complete and return a Dealer Application which is available for download in PDF format on this page.

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Dealer Application

If you would like to become a dealer, download the Dealer Application below which is electronically editable, complete and submit back to us.


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We have built an extensive range of complimentary products that offers arguably the widest range of cable and connector products in Southern Africa. We work with fewer suppliers to maintain quality control. The size of our range ensures that when it comes to the ‘smalls’, CyberDyne is able to more than meet your accessory requirements and consistently ensure orders are delivered on time and perfectly packaged.


Blister packaging meets the most demanding retail applications in that it fully protects product, prevents in-store pilferage and is visibly eye catching. Because we manufacture our Blister packaging in-house, we can ensure that it is attractive and that our costs are reasonable. Our customers receive all of the benefits associated with a blister packed product, but at the lower poly-bag + header card price point.


While price is no doubt a determining factor when it comes to business, product availability is the most critical component to securing a sale. CyberDyne has invested substantial capital into inventory, combined with the power of our SAP ERP system we have been able to ensure volume stock availability across virtually our entire product range for all 12 months of the year. Customers who place orders with CyberDyne are assured that we are able to fulfil them and in the event that a product is out of stock for whatever reason, we generally always have an alternative product that may be supplied. Whatever the product, or the tmie of year, you’ll never be be left without the products that your customers want.

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David Coleman

"Really a pleasure to deal with a world class supplier such as CyberDyne. They are really efficient and supply great quality products!"