To further assist prospective customers, we have prepared some FAQ's:

No. CyberDyne only conducts business with registered companies involved in the 'Trade'. Product is supplied exclusively to companies who purchase finished product for the sole purpose of re-sale and not for their own consumption. Dealer Applications that are completed by end users will not be processed.

'Fronting' occurs in the trade when an end user pretends to be running a business involved in the re-sale of our product. They will use a proper registered company as a 'front' to attempt to disguise the fact that they are ultimately an end user. Product purchased is typically only for their own consumption and not for re-sale and this is done in order to avoid having to pay the retail price for a product.

The simple answer to this question is that our business is all about volume distribution. To achieve the necessary scales of economy we need to receive regular orders from our customers. 'Fronting' in essence would be the same as supplying single unit quantities directly to the public. The associated costs and administrative overhead of such dealings, for the financial return is simply not viable. Furthermore each and every registered CyberDyne dealer is assigned a dedicated sales representative who makes regular site visits. End users who engage in 'Fronting' do not have fixed business premises and we thus are unable to service such accounts. We maximize our sales via our channel partners who in turn are optimized to deal directly with the end user / public.

The nature of our business is such that each and every customer we conduct business with is assigned a dedicated Sales representative. If the applicant is not trading from dedicated business premises then we cannot engage in a long term business relationship as the Sales representative is unable to make regular site visits. End users lack fixed business premises, while proper retailers and e-tailers have invested in premises infrastructure to support their business. Furthermore our products are best sold via high impact merchandising stands. Merchandising stands can obviously not be deployed to sites that lack the ability to retail. When we process a Dealer Application we take all these factors into consideration.

CyberDyne commenced business in 1996 as a retailer and we indeed supplied product directly to the public. At that time we operated a B2C (Business-to-Consumer) model, however with rapid expansion we migrated our business into manufacturing and this required a change in our business model. We now operate a B2B (Business-to-Business) model which involves Wholesale distribution. Our customers are involved in the Retail trade and their business model is optimized towards direct dealings with the public. Our success is built on our customers success and it is not ethical to claim we operate a B2B model, but then supply the public directly. All sales leads from the public are referred directly to the end users nearest CyberDyne stockist.

Absolutely. Each and every Dealer Application we receive is properly checked and the information provided has to first be verified prior to CyberDyne opening an account.

No. Regardless of if the application was successful or not, no fees are levied for this service.

The legibility of the information provided on a Dealer Application form more often than not determines our processing speed. A lot of time is wasted and costs are incurred by CyberDyne having to contact a prospective dealer to verify certain information which is illegible. Prevention is always better than cure and with this in mind and the fact that our Dealer Application fully supports PDF editing we only accept applications that have been completed Electronically.

Once you have supplied the required information the Dealer Application needs to be printed, initialled where applicable and then returned to CyberDyne. It may be emailed, faxed or physically delivered to our premises for processing.

The standard turnaround time for all Dealer Application is one (1) business day.

As soon as approval is complete, we will send you both an email and SMS notification which will include your SAP assigned Business Partner code. At this point trading may commence immediately.

Absolutely. We always conduct business in an open and honest manner and if an application is not accepted by CyberDyne for whatever reason, then we will provide your business in writing with a valid explanation for declining the application.

CyberDyne runs SAP. This ERP platform defines customers as 'Business Partners'. A successful Dealer Application is loaded onto our SAP ERP platform and is assigned a unique customer code / account number. In order to transact with CyberDyne you will need to be assigned a SAP Business Partner code.

No. While Credit facilities may be requested on the Dealer Application document, they will only be granted subject to CyberDyne conducting its own background check on the credit worthiness of the applicant.

Yes. The Dealer Application includes a surety clause which needs to be signed prior to approving Credit facilities. Should a Credit facility not be required then the surety clause does not apply.