From humble beginnings in 1996, CyberDyne has evolved into one of the largest privately owned wholesale distributors of consumer electronic accessories and related components in Southern Africa.

From humble beginnings in 1996, CyberDyne has evolved into one of the largest privately owned wholesale distributors of consumer electronic accessories and related components in Southern Africa. CyberDyne specializes in offering a complete selection of cables, connectors, adaptors, batteries, power supply units, multimedia & other components for the consumer electronics market - comprising Audio, Video, Computer & Digital devices. Product is distributed through a national footprint of retailers, e-tailers, VARs and System Integrators.

CyberDyne understands that a company is ultimately only as good as its people. With over 80% of CyberDyne’s workforce having served the company for over 10 years or longer, a culture of loyalty and dedication has been fostered. Only when all company employees share a common vision is an organization able to achieve its stated objectives. For this reason CyberDyne believes the single most important role of any employer is to provide its people with the necessary tools for success – this being both training and education. The company has its own internal training facility which is referred to as the ‘CyberDyne School’. Here both existing and new employees undergo regular training. CyberDyne does not operate its business based purely on job titles, but rather a policy of job rotation. A Sales representative will for example work in manufacturing, while an Accountant will work in Warehousing & Distribution while undergoing internal training. This is what gives CyberDyne’s personal the edge – a far better understanding of the workings of the company as a whole and not merely a single ‘job’ as is the case with the vast majority of organizations existing in an economy today.

CyberDyne owns and operates an internal manufacturing plant for the fabrication of its product packaging. Our present production capacity is 500,000 blister packs per month. Through the use of Vacuum Forming machines, Automated Roller Cutters and RF Welding machines, CyberDyne has the ability to fabricate finished Blister packs from raw PVC material. Our Blister production factory also incorporates full Granulation capabilities to ensure that all PVC offcuts are fully re-cycled. Through the production of its own packaging, CyberDyne has the ability to not only engage in OEM packaging projects (House brands), but also very rapidly change its packaging to meet market trends. This manufacturing power provides the company with far greater flexibility than many of its competitors in terms of branding of product through packaging and substantial cost savings as all packaging is manufactured on CyberDyne premises and on demand.

CyberDyne’s Head Office & Distribution center incorporates four Warehouse facilities housing the company’s impressive range of inventory. To further increase the stock holding capacity within the buildings footprint, mezzanine levels have been deployed. Product is internally transported from receiving to dispatch via an integrated conveyor system. The entire Warehouse layout is configured according to a pipelined system with dedicated personal assigned to each stage of inventory processing & management.

Through tight integration with the Sales & Marketing department, CyberDyne is able to process orders immediately upon receipt and ship them to our customers the next business day providing a service virtually unmatched in our industry. Orders are either shipped directly to the customer’s premises via CyberDyne’s own fleet of delivery vehicles or via a third party logistics service.

The entire functioning of our Warehouses are directly integrated into our SAP ERP system which provides real time data on the status of each and every order being processed, which is communicated directly to customers via both Electronic Mail and SMS notifications – this ensures our customers are always aware of the current status of their orders and receive a world class service from receipt of the order right through to delivery.

CyberDyne manages and hosts its entire IT infrastructure on premises. Using only the latest hardware and software technologies available, all CyberDyne Servers and Firewalls have been fully Virtualized with both on-site and off-site ‘clouds’ configured to ensure immediate fail-over capabilities in the event of any system failure. An on-site backup Generator has also been installed which is able to power CyberDyne’s entire premises, including all plant and IT systems during any power outages thus ensuring our business operations continue uninterrupted.

Our Virtualized environment powers a SAP ERP system which is configured to run on both desktop and mobile devices linking employees and business partners in real time. Due to the high obsolesce factor of Information Technology products, the company has a policy of migrating to new IT infrastructure every 12-18 months to ensure it not only remains on the cutting edge of technology but is technologically superior to many of its lessor rivals, providing a further competitive edge.

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Axel + Freia  JAC-MAT Sales & Service

"For the past four and a half years, JAC-Mat Sales and Service in Windhoek, Namibia, has been a client of CyberDyne’s. It is such a pleasure doing business with a team where quality and service is very important. Ordering stock via the E-Catalogue makes everything so much easier, including management of stock. We are always impressed with the exceptional prompt service and correspondence. Together we are strong. We wish Matthew, Clayton and their team, all the best and continued success."


Our Values

CyberDyne exists for the sole purpose of creating and retaining customers. To achieve this objective the company subscribes to the following key values:

  • Sustainability
  • Scalability
  • Saleability
  • Focus
  • Differentiation
  • Cost Control

Many companies talk the talk, but few are able to walk the walk. CyberDyne does not merely pay lip service to these values, but embodies them in everything it does.


Company Structure

We operate a flat management policy which is based on a four unit organizational structure:

  • Administration
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Sales & Marketing

Each unit is treated internally as a separate CyberDyne business entity. While no single unit is able to exist without the presence of the other units - creating a system of healthy interdependence, each unit has its own manager and is operated as a ‘micro- business’ within the CyberDyne organization. This provides CyberDyne with speed and agility which is utilized to very rapidly adapt the company to the constantly changing Macro Economic environment.


Our Infrastructure

Originally trading from a bedroom, CyberDyne now owns and occupies business premises totalling over 8,000 square metres in capacity. With its head office and distribution centre located in the industrial area of Robertville, Roodepoort, the company has developed these premises into a formidable operation to ensure a sustainable business built from the ground up for the sole purposes of creating and retaining customers.

A substantial capital investment has been made into modernizing CyberDyne’s premises to international standards, providing the company with a key competitive advantage.